SofTecs Brush

Inventor of the revolutionary car washing and polishing material

Protect car paint and improve the brightness of car paint

SofTecs is a revolutionary wash material designed and engineered in Germany, and is used by the worlds leading vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Created from a special non-porous material, SofTecs is guaranteed to be the safest way to wash vehicles - even safer than hand washing!

Hand wash damages car surface way more than any other method

Independent University studies carried out in Texas and Munich concluded that the most damaging method of vehicle washing is by hand using a bucket and sponge (the "traditional" way). The reason being, surface dirt from vehicles become lodged in the sponge, the action of hand washing, rubbing the dirt particles on the surface of the vehicle causes microscopic scratches which over time 'dulls the paint surface reducing the gloss & shine.

Exclusive research and development by Wanxide
Safe and scratch free, it can significantly improve the brightness of the car paint!

SofTecs is made from a revolutionary material which is not only the safest way to wash a vehicle, but it will actually enhance the gloss and shine, due to its soft fibre characteristics and spinning-buffing motion. SofTecs is made from a soft chamois like, non-porous material which will not retain any type of harmful dirt particles, therefore allowing for a safe wash - GUARANTEED!

Our technology has be imitated by many, yet surpassed by none

29 globally renowned car manufacturers and dealers require Wanxide's car washing equipment to use SofTecs for the cleaning of their vehicles


Soft foamed polyethylene remove all dirt on vehicle surface.

No risks

Super soft material, leaving no brush marks on vehicle paintwork.

New stays new

It is particularly important to maintain the shininess of the vehicle paint work.

Dark Paints

Unlike SofTecs, traditional PE brush material leaves brush marks on vehicle paintwork.

Scientifically proven

SofTecs 材质温和,不伤车漆。

Lasting Pleasure

Being extremely durable, SoftTecs can clean more than 50000 times.

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