Commercial Vehicle
Washing System

Great solutions for big jobs

Various options available depending on your own needs

Robust designs. High washing capacities. Reliable cleaning results. And high cost efficiency. With innovative solutions for commercial vehicle washing, WashTec satisfies the specific needs of hauliers, bus companies and vehicle valeting businesses. A wide range of equipment options affords as much individuality as there are different types of commercial vehicles.

· Self-propelled gantry with double-beared side brushes and a overlapping function
· Less than seven minutes for two whole washing cycles of a 18m truck
· Chemicals which deliver gleaming washing and drying results

· Customisable according to your wishes
· The contours of each individual vehicle can be perfectly traced – for optimal washing results
· High-pressure options available for vehicles that are difficult to access

· An underbody wash system that efficiently removes dirt and grime from areas that are difficult to access
· High-performance, intensive high-pressure cleaning for roof, front ,rear and side panels