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SoftWash Pro offers rich car wash programs to make your business profitable. The SoftWash Pro not only meets your expectations, it exceeds them, with highly effective washing chemicals and technical features for a car wash finish that is sure to impress. A higher turnover is also expected as special functions and better performance justify higher prices. Depending on operator's company structure, we can carry out multiple levels of training to improve operators' skill level and to solve customers' problems. We are also willing to provide you all-round support so as to help your new machine be put into operation smoothly.

SoftWash Brand New Upgrade

Made in Germany, excellent quality.
Greater customer satisfaction, more successful car wash business.

High-Pressure Rim Cleaning

Wheel Rim Chemical Pre-spray

Upgraded Mechanical Arms

  • 50 par high-pressure underbody and wheel-rim wash
  • Efficient chemical pre-spray system for brilliant wheel rims
  • Foam wax system which could cover whole vehicle surface
  • Upgraded celling jet and swivelling nozzles,ensuring a better cleaning and drying result in limited time
  • Besides contour memory function, touchless detection is also applied to further increase the accuracy of drying. Combined with Clear Coat Foam and ShieldTecs, SoftWash Pro protects car's paintwork from harsh weather and environmental influences

  • While maintaining same level of cleaning and drying quality, upgraded mechanical arms allow wash program to be completed within 4 runs rather than 6, which increases the overall efficiency by 30%

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