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Car washing goes by the
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Car washing goes by the
name WashTec.
The world over.


  German Tech.


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WashTec: world leader of car wash industry

WashTec is the world's leading provider of innovative solutions for all aspects of vehicle washing, which includes gantry car wash, conveyor tunnel system, self-service car wash and commercial car washing systems such as truck wash. WashTec AG was founded in 2000 as a result of the merge of California Kleindienst and Wesumat Holding AG. Nowadays, company is headquartered in Augsburg and employs more than 1700 people over 80 countries, most of whom are recognized car wash technicians. Plus an area-wide service network with over 600 of our own technicians in Europe and 300 technicians at sales partners.

Leader of Chinese automatic car wash industry

In China, every step of WashTec leads the future trend of the car wash industry. It's not exaggerating to state that Chinese automatic car wash industry didn't really start until the entry of WashTec. WashTec is the standard setter of China's car wash industry. Only WashTec is qualified to set down the standard of automatic car wash's quality, speed and environmental friendliness. WashTec is also the pioneer of new car wash concepts in China. From automatic car wash to unmanned car wash system, from remote control solutions to environmental friendly car wash concept, WashTec has always been leading automatic car wash industry's development. It's our duty to lead the growth of Chinese car wash industry and make China the largest car wash market across the world.

Innovation leaders yesterday, today and in the future

WashTec is not only the world market leader, but also a leading innovator in the vehicle wash business. Our list of our innovations is long. It extends from the invention of the gantry car wash to the ongoing perfecting of the equipment and wash results. From innovative digital solutions to new chemical solutions. All WashTec innovations are consistently geared to the changing needs of customers and operators.