Car Beauty

Customers visit your shop once, maybe twice a year for a big car care program? What about the rest of the year? Where do they wash their car and where goes the money? A Chinese customer washes his car up to 40 times a year. Why not bind the customer with the opportunity of a price worth daily wash and care program in addition to the yearly treatment? Another benefit: you can use the regularly customer appearance for selling additional business. Use the machine as a perfect pre cleaning device before you do polishing or waxing. Increase the throughput and volume of your shop and therefore your profit. The wash times vary between 2.5 and 8 minutes according to your needs.

We Understand Your Business

Your Challenges

  • Car pre-cleaning before manual polish or waxing
  • High wash numbers / Time pressure
  • Demanding customers and customer expectations
  • Prevent damaged cars and scratches
  • High number of competitors / Customer loyalty
  • Difficulties with staff or too high costs
  • Too less space compared to wash volume

Your Opportunities

  • Gain customer loyalty with regular visits through wash business
  • Endeavour new profit chances through more customer visits/loyalty
  • Increase your car wash volume and free resources for beauty works
  • Provide car paint protection for a reasonable price
  • Offer new services to customer

Customer Case

Shanghai Linglingqi Car Service Co., Ltd

Shanghai Linglingqi Car Service Co., Ltd. is a car service chain shop in Shanghai. Its main service includes car beauty, maintenance, repairation and insurance. Company has opened numerous branches in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to provide customers with all-rounded reparation and maintanence service.

Shanghai Linglingqi Car Service Co., Ltd. installs WashTec car wash machines in several gas stations to provide high quality car care service to the customer. The machines are used as prewash prior to detailed cleaning or as an independent full service car care. Besides yearly or half-yearly car care service, machine can also provide daily car care service for customers . With our gantry car wash, Linglingqi is capable of providing high-quality and time-saving service, which greatly strengthen the customer loyalty – a win-win situation for their customers and the company!

In addition, the loyalty programs and membership offered by Linglingqi are very attractive as well.

Customer Case

Michelin Tyreplus

Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Tyreplus, is one of the largest automobile after-sales service brands in China. Their main service are the maintenance and replacement of tires and brakes and the replacement of engine oil.

In order to ensure that consumers across the country enjoy unified and high-standard services, Michelin has strict and consistent standards for Tyreplus's hardware equipment. Choosing WashTec gantry car wash equipment is recognition and support for our brand. In order to ensure service quality, Tyreplus headquarters also set unified standards that can be followed by employees. From entering the store to leaving, every single step of the service procedure is stardardized.

No matter how small the problem is, it is a big problem in the eyes of the owner. Therefore, even when washing the car, WashTec will treat it with the greatest degree of professionalism and enthusiasm, and the excellent quality makes our products go further.

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