From March 24 to 27, the 30th China International Automobile service chain and supplies, wearing parts, warranty equipment exhibition and the 5th China international car washing Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Yasen Beijing Exhibition") which lasted for 4 days came to a successful conclusion in Beijing Shunyi New International Exhibition.

The exhibition covers an area of 250000 square meters, with more than 5000 exhibitors and more than 180000 kinds of exhibits. It is recognized as the first exhibition in the automotive aftermarket. As an important member of the automotive aftermarket, WashTec is also fully powered. Let's review the wonderful moment together!

As a pioneer and leader of automobile cleaning industry, WashTec has been working hard to provide more intelligent solutions for automobile cleaning. In addition to taking part in the exhibition with a series of products, the latest Longmen car washing machine softwash Pro also made an amazing appearance. The black and gray color of "bold" highlighted the texture, and the high configuration car washing machine attracted a large number of audiences.

General manager Huang Jianmin visited the exhibition in person

Mr. Huang Jianmin, general manager of WashTec in China, also visited the exhibition to have friendly exchanges with customers and people in the industry, and was invited to interview by Huicong automobile.

Mr. Huang said in the interview: "WashTec is the leader of the most advanced car washing concept in China. From full-automatic car washing machine to unattended car washing system, we hope to provide better service and support to the automobile industry in the Chinese market! Softwash pro, our new equipment, has newly upgraded the function option package, from basic wash income, to maintenance wash income, dazzle bright wash income, with a variety of combinations, it is easy to achieve the optimal solution of intelligent car washing, automatic car washing service, greatly reducing the site and labor costs, especially in guiding customers to choose ¥ After 39.99's best-selling Xuan Liang wash, Xuan Liang film plus car wax double-layer waxing, softwash Pro can achieve the highest income, let users experience better washing, waxing and drying effect, at the same time, let businesses enjoy the high-end program to bring extra profit. "

What WashTec wants to convey is that the machine can compete with manual cleaning, and win the favor of the majority of consumers with shorter time, more environmentally friendly cleaning technology, more efficient cleaning effect and more convenient operation mode. Intelligent car washing machine will promote the acceleration and transformation of automobile cleaning industry!