Not just for the environment! Environmental protection makes everything between you and your customers more beautiful.

In order to better protect the environment, auwa unremittingly develops and optimizes its car washing chemical products, making it efficient and economical while taking into account environmental protection. Auwa has successfully proved that environmental protection and perfect cleaning effect can go hand in hand. Auwa is the standard setter of professional and sustainable car washing industry in the market. Do you want the best cleaning effect? Or do you care more about protecting the environment? Or both? Auwa chemical solution gives you excellent and uncompromising product performance - whether it's cleaning effect or environmental coordination. To this end, we continue to improve the chemical solution formula.

Environmental protection and climate issues are the biggest challenges of our time. People naturally expect companies to take responsibility and do their part. Auwa has an ambitious vision and continues to develop innovative and sustainable solutions and products. With the re formulation of chemical solutions, auwa, as a pioneer in the industry, has firmly taken another step forward. Christoph maletz, head of chemicals and water treatment in the product division, said: "we have studied the formulation in depth to meet the most stringent environmental standards, well above the statutory requirements."

Greener, better
All products have been tested by auwa experts and re prepared according to environmental protection standards“ More biodegradable, more economical and practical, more resource-saving ": auwa's formula is based on the above three points, and combined with the market-leading cleaning performance. More importantly, all the research and production processes have been tested and achieved sustainable development. Auwa sets itself the highest standards and sets its own sustainability standards. Compared with the statutory requirements, the standard is more stringent. In the future, auwa will label all products with the eco label of "auwa green car care" to distinguish them. At present, "tecsline" series products with the best performance are subject to continuous inspection by Institut SGS Fresenius to ensure their compliance with sustainability standards while formulating industry standards.
All in all: auwa chemical products have two advantages: excellent cleaning quality and leading environmental compatibility.

Quality expected by end customers
With the reconstitution of auwa series products, operators have also found better selling points. Today, more than ever, consumers want to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly product choice when washing cars. Auwa supports car wash operators through specialized marketing and communication measures. Christoph maletz, head of chemicals and water treatment in the product division, said: "our chemical products have set the industry benchmark: widely recognized cleaning effect combined with green vehicle maintenance concept."